Asbestos Refresher Course

This short course is provided to operatives / managers who have completed an asbestos awareness course (covering the syllabus specified in Approved Code of Practice L143) within the previous 12 months.

As such, it does not repeat the full course but seeks to refresh the delegates with regard to the key aspects covered by the original course. These will include:

  • Risk assessment of asbestos to assist the delegates in differentiating high-risk asbestos from low risk, and so develop a control strategy.
  • A history of Asbestos. What is it? Where does it come from?
  • About Asbestos – How can it harm health? A study of the several fatal and non – fatal conditions caused by exposure to asbestos.
  • In what ways can we protect ourselves from the harmful affects of Asbestos?
  • Recognising Asbestos - What does it look like? Where might it be encountered? What are the many ways in which it has been used over the past 150 years?
  • Who does the law permit to work with asbestos? A brief explanation of techniques used to undertake non – licensed asbestos work.
  • How can Asbestos legally be disposed of?
  • A final 15 question assessment paper (not multi – choice).